Merlin can operate with compatible GPS consoles such as the Only You model GPS-100.
The interaction between the GPS and the radar aerial offer the perfect complement for accurate detection and the elimination of false alarms.
While the GPS console warns you of fixed radars and possible tripod locations, Merlin detects mobile radars and new tripod locations.
The two together are much more powerful than when used separately.
Although Merlin is permanently connected to the vehicle power supply, it remains inactive until it is connected to the GPS console by plugging the three-way plug into the OPT port.

Only yOU 100

When Merlin is connected to the GPS console, the screen displays the symbol ® to confirm the presence of an active detector.


1. Merlin detected. This symbol appears when the Merlin system has been connected and the management system loaded.

2. Incoming signal strength. The more “<<<” symbols displayed, the stronger the signal detected.

3. Radar signal detected. This icon is displayed when the GPS is using its internal database to warn of a fixed or hidden radar, avoiding duplicate warnings (one from the GPS and another from detection). Bear in mind the fact that the GPS will give a warning 500 metres before the radar (voice and display), but if Merlin detects the signal after the GPS has given its warning, then only the icon and signal strength will be displayed, without the audible radar detection warning.

radars radars
Active radar detector radars

Now Merlin loads an additional detection management program into the GPS console. The new icons and graphics that appear are:

Radar zone detected radars
GPS detection console radars

4. Band and frequency detected.

radars radars
radars radars radars radars radars radars radars
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